Salt Lake Alyki

  • Alyki Lake, Kontopouli 81400

About Salt Lake Alyki

Aliki Lake is a salt lagoon located in North East Lemnos, east of the settlement of Ag. Alexandros at the boundary of the municipal department of Kontopouli. In the past it was for the inhabitants of the island the source of salt. This was necessary for the maintenance of food. In the summer months caravans were started from the various villages of Limnos with animals for the collection of salt. To avoid the heat, this work, which continued until the last decades, was done on moon nights to see before it lit up. This process continues to this day, perhaps on a smaller scale. In the area one can observe hundreds of species of birds that use it as a stop when migrating to the south, while in Aliki you can see in the spring a significant population of Flamingo. Together with the neighboring brackish lakes of Hortarolimni and Asprolimni, they are one of the island’s most important wetlands.