Rocks In Faraklo

  • Φαλακρό, Προπούλι 81400

About Rocks In Faraklo

It is located in the north of the island, after the village of Propouli, on the cape Falakro. Its landmark is the volcanic formations, attributed to the “meeting” of lava with the sea. Result in the creation of impressive natural sculptures that the locals call with the, also impressive, name… “guinea heads.” The dozens of shades of yellow of the frozen lava and the globular geological formations, next to the picturesque coves of the sea, are worth a visit. The impressive geological monument includes the strange formations, which the locals call “prickly heads”, because of their globular form, in all possible shades of yellow. The Faraklou Geological Park attracts many visitors for its uniqueness. The locals will hear it called Bald or “prickly heads”, as geological formations often have a sphere shape. Let your imagination go free and guess what the rocks look like in front of you! To reach Faraclo you will need to walk a dirt road after Propouli.