Kontias Gallery

  • Kontias Village, 81400 Lemnos
  • (+30)22540 51425

About Kontias Gallery

Kontias Gallery in the village of Kontiatinon is home to some of the great names of Balkanic art. Something is always “running” in the Gallery of Contemporary Balkan Art of the restless artistic village. The members of the Cultural Association of Kontiatins organized, despite adversity, two Balkan art symposiums in 1999 and 2001. Great names of Balkan art responded to the call, found themselves in the traditional village of Limnos and gave their works to the village. The work on display here showcases different views of Lemnos by artists from Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Skopje (FYROM) and Turkey. These creations are now the permanent exhibits of the Gallery. They are housed in an elegant stone building which was created by the art lovers of Kontiatinon. Alongside the permanent collection, the gallery occasionally hosts periodic exhibitions of artists from Lemnos, the rest of Greece and abroad. Do not be surprised if an exhibition of students of Lemnos with paintings for their island, is succeeded by a group of watercolours of Vourloumi, Ralli, Baharian, or a retrospective of the great Lemnos cartoonist KEM. There’s always something wrong with Kontia.