Ifestia Ancient Theater

  • Ifestia - Near Kontopouli Village

About Ifestia Ancient Theater

Ifestia Ancient Theater is built in the bay of Pournia, on the northeast side of the island. Ifestia was one of the two city-states of ancient Limnos. According to excavation and historical data, its great prosperity lasted from the 7th to the 1st century BC It was the seat of the ancient Greek religion on the island. The excavations brought to light remains of houses, a cemetery and an extensive sanctuary, which according to all indications was dedicated to the Great Goddess Limnos. Many weapons, gold objects, clay figurines and vessels of local style were also found. The construction of the theatre went through different building phases. In the first phase it was rectangular, with wooden seats. At the end of the 5th or early 4th century BC the stone theatre was constructed with local stone. In the earliest phase of the stone theatre belong the orchestra, in a perfect and full circle of diameter 12,40 m and the lower part of the hollow with ten rows of rooms. Ifestia Ancient Theater was recently renovated and in the summer hosts theatrical performances and concerts.