Enetic Castle of Myrina

  • Myrina Castle, 81400 MYRINA

About Enetic Castle of Myrina

The Venetian Castle of Myrina is the trademark of the capital of Lemnos and is considered one of the best preserved in Greece.  After all, Myrina is called by the locals and Castro. The castle was built by the Venetians maintaining parts of an earlier phase of the Byzantine period (early 12th century). The Byzantines had built the castle on an ancient citadel. The current structure and layout is due to the Genoese Gattilusi who reshaped it (15th century). Later, the Venetians and Turks carried out interventions. Today visitors of the castle, apart from the ruins of the old fort, can see its current “residents”, the approximately 70 beautiful deer of the variety “Platoni”. Prefer for your access, the entrance from the side of Romeikos Glass, morning or afternoon hours. Equally impressive is the sight of the illuminated castle at night, from the city of Myrina.