Archaelogical Museum of Lemnos

  • Μητροπολίτη Ιωακείμ 2
  • (+30) 2254022990

About Archaelogical Museum of Lemnos

Archaelogical Museum of Lemnos. The three-story neoclassical building of the Museum of Lemnos was built in the early 20th century and during the Turkish occupation, it became the office of the Turkish governor. In 1939 the building was sold by the Pallimniako school fund community, on the condition that the public donated the house to be used as the Archaeological Museum. During the interwar years, the building housed the findings of Italian excavations on the island. The museum contains the following collections:

  • Italian excavations in Poliochni (prehistoric)
  • Italian excavations at Kaveirio (Archaic – Roman)
  • Italian archaeological finds in Hephaestus (geometric – Hellenistic)
  • systematic excavations in Koukonisi (prehistoric)
  • excavations Findings of K ‘Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities in Lemnos