ANZAC Allied Cemetery of Moudros

  • Moudros - Rousopouli Road, 81401 MOUDROS

About ANZAC Allied Cemetery of Moudros

Limnos played an important role in The First World War, after being chosen as the base of allied troops. ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) are the military forces of Australia and New Zealand. In 1914-1918 (World War I) they came to Europe to fight. They were found settled in Limnos before, during and after the withdrawal from Gallipoli, Turkey and the military battles that developed there (1915). The port of Moudros during the First World War was the main base of the Allied Forces for the Gallipoli campaign (1915). The south beach, the so-called “Airport”, was formed in a seaplane landing area. Hundreds of dead Gallipoli campaign soldiers were buried in the Allied cemetery of Moudros. Today it is a global monument that receives hundreds of visitors every year. At the Allied Cemetery on the way from Moudros to Roussopoli, hundreds of dead Gallipoli campaign soldiers, mostly 148 Australians and 76 New Zealanders, but also other countries, are resting in clusters according to their nationality. Anzac Day memorial service has been established in memory of the ANZAC Day soldiers who were killed. It is celebrated every year on 25 April in both countries. April 25, 1915 was the first day of landing on the Gallipoli peninsula. Many travel from Australia and Canada to pay tribute.