Ancient Temple of Kaviria

  • Kaviria - Kontopouli

About Ancient Temple of Kaviria

Ancient Temple of Kaviria, or Kavirio, came to light after excavations of the Italian Archaeological School. It dates from the 8th century BC until late antiquity. It is probably the oldest known ultimatum in the Greek area. It was destroyed by fire, probably with the invasion of the Persians in 512 BC. The buildings of the sanctuary are located on two small andrea, formed on the slope of the low hill that descends to the sea, forming the cape Chloe. In the south plateau was revealed an ultimatum of the Archaic Times (7th century BC). The Hellenistic ultimatum was built on the northern plateau and is the first one to see entering the archaeological site. On the archaic ultimatum was founded the post-Roman ultimatum (“Royal”), which is associated with the last period of existence of the sanctuary and reveals the long survival of the cult of Kaveira in Limnos. Continuing you can visit the Cave of Philoctetis.