• Gomati - Katalakkos, 81400

About Ammothines

To the north of Lemnos island, on the slopes of the hills of the village of Kataklakos there is a rare beauty area. “Pahies Ammoudies” or  “Pachess Amdes” as the locals call it, are sand dunes, fine sand hills and a few scruffy phrygana that carry the desert charm to the northern Aegean. Spread over an area of ​​about 70 acres in the Gomati area and create an impressive landscape unique to Greece. Strong northerly winds are constantly recreating the shape of these golden mountains of sand. It’s a visual spectacle against the blue sea. The minimum vegetation that composes the flora of Ammothina, is mainly the beautiful white lilies of Lemnos. Around the golden sand dunes, there are sandy vegetation, wickers, wild straws, police, thyme, oleanders and wild olives. To reach Ammothines Limnos you will follow the road from the village of Katalakko, in the northwest part of the island. From some point on you will have to walk to reach the unique beauty attraction. Information signs will inform you appropriately and kiosks for sunburnt visitors will rest you. Do not forget that you are actually visiting a desert, so you should have at least water with you. The “oasis” in this case is only the beach of Gomati which is located at a distance of two kilometers.