Association of Lemnos Hoteliers

Lemnos: The island of Hephaestus, with the great History, the absolute experience, the
hidden gem of the North Aegean.

The Lemnos Hoteliers Association was founded in 1985 and is the official organization for
the professional management of tourism in Lemnos. With an endless series of actions that
helped the development of tourism on our island, it supports tourism professionals, both
Greek and foreigners, and is engaged in developing professional partnerships that will give serious development to our island. Promoting the Points of Interest on the island so that our guests can properly convey the right and beautiful experience they experience, during their holidays, both in the summer as well in winter. Endless, beautiful beaches on the 8th largest island of Greece, perfectly match the experience of local gastronomy, Hiking, Diving, trekking, thermal spas but also sailing, fishing and snorkeling, the horse riding, extreme water sports (kite surf, wind surf etc) giving our visitors many reasons to visit again the beautiful, energetic ancient ‘Anemoessa’. History, both ancient and recent, at the place that borders Europe, is a glorious point of reference for our visitors.

Beautiful churches, along with the beautiful colors of the untouched, virgin nature, inspire
young couples to make their life events (eg wedding events) by creating an excellent new
spot on the world map for these events. Life coaching, along with various events (eg music parties, theatrical performances, world conferences, etc.) are created and become global benchmarks. They give tourism professionals all over the world the impetus to collaborate with the Lemnos Hoteliers Association in order to achieve the ultimate success in business relationships between partners, as well as visitors to the island, thus creating happy repeaters and happy opinion- leaders.