The beautiful Greek island of the North Aegean, well known from the history as the island of Hepheastus or “Anemoessa”


Why travel to Lemnos
• Because it feels like traveling around Greece in time and through itʼs history, living in todayʼs comforts.
• Because youʼd be able to see old fortresses, seaports and dockyards, ancient amphitheatres and cities, all in a splendid, natural and friendly enviroνment.

• Because Lemnos offers you a variety of choices :
> To follow paths, that lead to majestic bays with crystal clear waters or if you prefer, simply lay comfortably on a sunlounger by the pool or on the beach.
> To windsurf or kitesurf, in one of the best bays Greece has to offer.
> If you are a deep sea diving lover, wishing to spend endless hours in this wonderful world and itʼs unbeatable beauty.
> To enjoy deserted beaches and the sea bed from the security of a glass bottomed boat.
> If you are a food lover and «slave to your taste buds», you will love the rare variety of food and drink the local specialities have to offer.
> If you are into night life, choose from dozens of classic and modern bars and clubs and enjoy moments of relaxation.
> If birdwatching is your hobby, then you can set your observatory in one of the many marked and unmarked habitats on the island.
Lemnos is a passage for migrating birds, as well as home to plenty of local birds.
> If you have a passion for flora, you will discover a huge selection of rare plants.
> If the progress of agriculture and stock-breeding interests you, youʼll have the unique chance to learn about the tools used and the production methods of the past.
> If again, you like horse-riding, you can enjoy magnificent and memorable rides. You can even take part in the yearly horse riding competition of St. George.
> If you have a passion for traditional songs or music in general, you may be able to sense the mix and aroma of the rhythm that the islanders feel from infants.


* If none of the above move you, then just come over and have a chat over home food and house wine, under the shade during summer or by the fire during winter. At the end of our chat, we are sure the above list will grow even longer.


by  Kostas I. Liaskas (written in 2008)
Copyright by Varos Village Traditional Hotel & Apartments

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