Category B, Traditional Apartments

Rooms: 5



Telephone: +30 22540 31701, Fax: +30 22540 31701



The story of this little hotel is quite extraordinary and interesting. The actual building of 300 sq meters was built in 1901 by Haralabos Tsikari, a wealthy greek merchant from Bursa, Turkey (Asia Minor back then). Lemnos was under Turkish rule at that time, until 1912 when the Greek fleet sat the island free. The ground floor served Tsikari's enterprise by a general merchant store, a coffee shop and his office for the rest of his business activities being a wine, flour and diary product exporter to Greece. The upper floor was the family's home. Haralabos was married to Stamatina and they had three sons and a daughter. Unfortunately, Haralabos by 1910 passed away. So, his young widow in order to preserve the inheritance of her four young children married his accountant, Demetris Zavalakis. Zavalakis not only preserved the already found estate but he increased it. So, he became one of the top men in the island with great power. Therefore, all the important visitors of lemons wanted to meet him and have his goodwill. After the death of the last tenant of the building, Anestis Tsikari, (one of the three sons), Archontiko Tsikari was renovated and became a little charming hotel by the descendants of the Tsikaris family. Their aim is to continue the tradition of hospitality of vip. So, every visitor becomes a vip by definition!

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